Calendar 2008

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Calendar 2008


What to present to partners and employees for the NY? Offices of big companies are often located in major business centers of” A” class. Interior decoration is strictly regulated and the good old flip calendar, served faithfully as a corporate souvenir, is literally nowhere to hang.


In these circumstances, the calendar will inevitably evolve, taking the most bizarre forms. For example, the form of the “flip pad for computer mouse.” Calendar is printed on the plastic, 23 × 20 cm (size of a standard mouse pad), has 12 pages, illustrated with engravings in the zodiac theme and equipped with a calendar grid.


Agency successfully used “trial and error” mode in production process and it proved effective. According to preliminary data, not a single copy of the gift was thrown into trash, and only negligible amount was presented to relatives.

Team: Art Director — Dmitry Chernogaev, Creative Director — Denis Shlesberg, Manager — Inna Kuznetsova, Design — Vladimir Machinsky and Denis Dragilev, Layout and prepress — Vladimir Dyomkin.