“Losinyy ostrov” Campaign 2012

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“Losinyy ostrov” Campaign 2012


Artonica continue successful two years cooperation with the Donstroy company and promote the residential complex “Losinyy ostrov” (Elk Island). The new advertising campaign task was to maintain high interest of potential buyers and increase sales activity.



The new advertising campaign is highlighting the title of residential complex “Losinyy ostrov”. The headlines are the main visual component of the concept. The word “apartment” is replaced with “island”, creating bright, unexpected object-font compositions. Items that form the word “island” are related to the key message and illustrate a specific proposal, addressed to potential buyers of apartments in the residential complex “Losinyy ostrov”.


Campaign has a number of advantages: the name of the apartment complex in the heading stimulates greater memorability, and bold visual approach allows “Losinyy ostrov” clearly stand out from the clutter of real estate advertising.

Team: Project leader and Art director — Irina Tsvetkova, Designers — Ekaterina Dubeykovskaya, Irina Morozova, Copywriter — Anna Filatova (with Elena Dalmatova), Layout and prepress — Vladimir Dyomkin, Project manager Xenia Gnevusheva.