Setun’ Valley. Brand Identity

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Setun’ Valley. Brand Identity


In 2011 “Donstroy” embarked on one of its most ambitious projects — the construction of premium residential complex — “Setun’ Valley”. Agency task was to develop visual identity, focused on the project’s unique features and adapted to specific communication channels.



The style is clean, pure and full of connotations. The logo reflects key differentiator of the “Setun’ Valley” — a combination of premium level and eco-friendliness. Perfectly clean lines and elegant decorative elements reminiscent of river meanders and gently sloping hills are blended in a rounded font.


Brand book contains detailed recommendations on the corporate identity usage in real life — from presentation materials to branding manholes and decorative inserts in the fence.

Decorative ornament used in the facades of residential buildings, has also found its place in the brand identity: its elements form the basis for a brand ornament. Color scheme was a combination of dark blue and turquoise.


Corporate identity was designed with the architectural and engineering solutions in mind. It reflects prime location advantages. Visual style contributed to the successful identification and branding of “ Setun’ Valley “ in the premium real estate market.



Team: Project Leader — Dmitry Chernogaev, Art Director — Irina Tsvetkova, Designer — Irina Morozova, Project Manager — Xenia Gnevusheva